Camp Reminders!

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Camp is here! Camp is here!!!  We are leaving for Camp on Tuesday, June 6th.


Please check to make sure that you have all of your medicine ready to go in individual baggies, labeled with your child’s name on it. If you don’t have the instructions form filled out for the medicine, we will not be able to give it to your student.

Your sleeping bag and all of your bedding must also be in bags labeled with your name on it. Please error on the side of too many labels. I guarantee things will still get lost, so lets try to prevent that!

No electronics of any kind will be permitted and if found you will be punished with the highest consequence. So please, leave them at home!

Your students will be outside rain or shine, so please pack extras in case your student gets wet! Your full packing list is included here!

Packing List for 5th Grade Camp